Be All You Can Be

It's easy being small
but for the tension 
between heart and head
right-brain, left brain
locked in a death match
between narrowing focus on a goal
and expanding vision to live a dream

Uncomfortable with tension
it is easy to flee to
the lowest common denominator
a smaller version of me
just surviving, just getting through
unable to see through seeming walls
so I'll just do with making do

Afraid of rejection
of disappointing others
wondering at the what-ifs
telling stories in my head
settling in, settling for
average, mediocre
killing joy with comparison

But this shrinking, this sinking
this stinking in my thinking
leaves me less than alive
cautious and unsure
am I really doing my best
am I really making a difference
how can I know?

Maybe I can't, but I can take a leap
a step, a jump
of joy, of choice
all I have to share is my story, my voice
will it matter in the greater scheme?
the best way I can find out is to act
to risk, to dance
when the dust settles we'll have time for speculation
for now, I'll rejoice in this:
the possibility of being all I can be.
Benjamin FaderComment