Sitting on my back deck, lost in thought. I can feel my mind being pulled in circles, running in different directions. I look down at my garden and see the physical fruit of my mental labors... withering. 

My garden isn't in great shape. We've had ourselves a decent harvest, but somewhere between the blistering, record-setting heat and my chaotic running around, a ball got dropped. Somewhere along the way, I lost focus. I say this garden is important to me, but at this moment, that's not what my garden is saying about me. How did this happen?

While not comprehensive, there is one explanation that makes sense: Too much of my time and energy is spent on "fluff." If I can cut the fluff, trim the fat, I can give the necessary time to excel in what matters to me. 

I see "fluff" as being anything that is nonessential, the clutter in your life that is not meaningful or beautiful to you yet it fills your space and time. Fluff could be material possessions, activities that drain your time, mental preoccupations and more. When I focus on fluff, I am saying that I do not really believe in my dreams, and that I do not deeply value my commitments. Something is awry; there is a gap between my word and my follow through.

So, enough fluff. Let's focus on what matters.

 My wife and I have begun the "de-clutter" process but clearly there is much work to do. We're getting rid of clothes and organizing them more neatly and efficiently. We are getting better at knowing when to close laptops and turn off phones and just be a person. We're working to keep in front of us what matters to us, to make it visual and make it consistent. We have a long way to go. 

If there's anything that my garden can tell me right now, it's that there is still fluff in my life. I'll take this opportunity to go and water the garden, a microcosm of prioritizing what is important to me and letting the nonessential take a backseat.

Today, your mission is to cut the fluff, and focus on what matters.

Let me know in a comment or a message how it goes!
Benjamin FaderComment