Find Your Body Prayer

Prayer is not only a mental exercise, it involves the whole person. 

Prayers spoken around a table or sacred texts read quietly in a posture of prayer are beautiful forms of prayer, but done in isolation, can cultivate a disconnect between your body/heart/mind.

Prayers made in sacred space are also beautiful. They count, they matter. Yet this can easily lead to compartmentalization, an imagined divide between the sacred and the profane, the spiritual and the material.

I am not asking you to give up your current practice(s), but to augment them by finding your forms of body prayer. 

Pray with your breath. Breathe deeply to slow down and center. Let each breath release the stresses you have accumulated and the thoughts that weigh you down. Nourish your body and your soul with each breath. God is closer than the air you breathe.

Pray in stillness. Let your whole being come to rest. No stimulants, no distractions, just pure being. Hold a pose, let your body attune to your breath. Be still and know God. 

Pray in movement. Let your body become fluid as your mind rests. Run. Climb. Dance. Hike. Bike. Let your mind wander or let it focus on the activity at hand. All the while, allow your movement to be sacred. Your physical practice is an act of prayer, of meditation, of worship. Find God both within and without. God is in you and your companion for the journey you take. 

Pray outside. Our curated environments remind us of how we give shape and meaning to the world, but just for a moment, let the Universe give void and meaninglessness to you. Be lost in wonder at the world around you. Close your eyes and let your ears guide you into your deepest recesses or out into the cosmos.

Pray from your deepest depths.

Pray with a clear mind.

Pray with an open heart.

Pray with your body, with your soul, with your spirit.

There are so many forms of body prayer out there, find yours
Benjamin FaderComment