Led From Within

Some call it the Holy Spirit. Others call it Innate Intelligence. Spirit. The voice. The Force. Higher self. Source. Maybe these terms don't mean exactly the same thing, but they all point to an awareness, a consciousness deeper than reason. The same power that animates and enlivens the universe is within you. Deeper than your personality, deeper than your preferences, deeper than your rituals and actions is the spirit within you. 

So much of our life can be spent unconsciously resisting this power, trying to live in the realm of order and control. But the spirit is bigger than order and chaos, and the spirit-led person can be at home in any situation. At rest in the very essence of God. 

My mind loves to spin in realms of thought, action, my eyes are addicted to stimulation, and the only remedy I know is to let go and listen. My thoughts this morning are not directed to a how-to formula, they are stilled by the gentle invitation into the presence of God, an awareness beneath all that is. My greatest desire is to be led from within. To tap into the infinite source and let my life flow from that current. 

May you be rooted and grounded in infinite love.

May your heart find rest in God.

May your awareness expand in the hum of the Universe.

May you be led from within.
Benjamin FaderComment