The WHY of Be. Live. Love.

It has been another week of evaluating what my deepest motivations are. What truly inspires me? What is my purpose? Why am I doing what I do? These are not empty questions to a vacuum, but an opportunity to be specific and courageous in formulating a working answer. For me, this blog is a lifeline that lets me express my true self that lies in and beneath each of the projects and priorities I have running right now. At this moment, I work two jobs, have a blog and am in the beginning stages of a book, while prioritizing time with my family. If I don't have a strong enough motivation for each of these elements, I will become burnt out or will be tempted to quit something. Sometimes scaling back can be healthy and wise, but sometimes things need to be more complicated before they can become simple. Either way, it all comes back to WHY. 

For my sake and for the sake of you, our readers and friends, I wanted to clarify my "why," my motivating purpose for being and for this blog.

Be. Live. Love. 

Be your full self.
Be confident, courageous. Be powerful, free and self-expressed. Live above the judgments and expectations of others. Be wild. Be untamed. Let your light shine.

Live your dreams.
Everyone has a dream. I dream to live my life doing what inspires me while inspiring others to do the same.

Love yourself, the divine, and others.
I believe that love is the ultimate manifestation of what is truly human and truly divine. Love yourself and others wholeheartedly. Live in such a way that your dream and very being are gifts to the world.

This is why I write. This is why I work. This is why I pray. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiration with me. My prayer is that in reading and engaging with me, you are inspired to BE, to LIVE, and to LOVE with no holds barred.

What inspires you? What is your "why," your purpose?

Benjamin FaderComment