We Created Where We Are. What We Do Next is Up to Us.

Washington, Idaho and Montana have forests and fields that are burning. California is in a drought. Drones are dropping bombs. Millions die from starvation and lack of access to clean water. We live in a hell of our own making. We created where we are.

Yes, there are factors beyond our control and there always will be. But this does not absolve us of our responsibility, our capacity, to care for our planet and for one another.

We have immense power. Our power has been used  to shape environments for how people live and work. Our power has been used to make profits and expand territories. From imperialism and colonialism to corporate greed to stories of individualism and isolation… We have used our power to wreak havoc on our world. It would help everything if we could all acknowledge that.

Following that acknowledgement, we have the power to do something about it. We won’t “fix” everything “all at once.” But we can band together. We can consume less, we can share more. We can reduce waste, we can give from our abundance of resources. We can create in ways that matter to us while counting the cost of our impact on our earth and on our neighbors. We can change our habits. We can create new ways of being.
Benjamin FaderComment