Be Like a Child

Have you ever witnessed two toddlers greeting each other from across a room?
It doesn't matter their race, their gender, even the context. Two very small people can see one another as human beings and reach out for connection. Another great example is young children on the playground. Within minutes, total strangers can invent new ways to play together and have a great time. To be sure, growing up is important. Learning to be responsible, growing in awareness to the world around you and cultivating discipline and civic participation are all important, but they need not come at the cost of our inner child. Much of our definition of adulthood requires maintaining appearances, but the kids I know are transparent. In fact, they express themselves so authentically as to make us uncomfortable. This need not be the case.

You don't have to be Peter Pan, you need not fight growing up, and you can remain in tune with your true self. You can still be like a child. 
Benjamin FaderComment