Everyone Can Be Brave

Calling someone else BRAVE can mean many things:

  • What you are doing is amazing and requires courage.
  • I wouldn't ever do what you are doing.
  • What you are doing is stupid and unsafe.
  • I can't do that. 
Sometimes we can think of bravery as being without fear, courage as being the absence of fear. But that isn't true, everyone has fear. Mother Teresa had fear, Ghandi had fear. We see the testimony of their lives and cite what they did as bravery, and rightfully so. My concern is this: May we not use the word as a cop out to be mediocre, as an excuse for us to not face our own fears, as a label that is reserved only for the few and far between. 

Everyone can be brave. 
I want to see you be brave. 

What scares you? Why? How does that connect to something that matters to you? 

Your mission today is to do something that scares you, do something brave. 
Benjamin FaderComment