Jesus Said: Go Barefoot

Jesus said, "Go barefoot, and don't bring cash or a walking stick."

He preached and lived nonviolent love. He risked his livelihood and ultimately his life for his message.

He was a prophet, a sage, a shaman, transporting others into a vision and experience of the kingdom of God.

His leadership was inspiring and empowering, awakening others to their own potential.

He spoke out on the blind spots of his culture and his time, and his words ring true perennially.

His honesty and authenticity cost him everything.

He was a catalyst, a rabble-rouser, a man of piercing vision and deep practice.

He epitomizes a "barefoot" way to be. He was truly human.

Looking at what Jesus said and did, I'm inspired to go and do likewise.

There's no roadmap for the journey. We might only know the next step. But if nothing else, we have a model, a partner, a guide, someone who can help us see ourselves and others more clearly. Someone who can show us what it means to be truly human and inspire us to be human as well.
Benjamin FaderComment