We Take Ourselves too Seriously, and

We Don't Take Our Lives Seriously Enough

Being yourself takes courage. It takes courage to take yourself seriously. It takes courage to not take yourself too seriously.

As people, we are generally preoccupied about what others think. We base our decisions, our actions and our self-expression upon what we think others think. We can be afraid of appearing weird, of saying something awkward, of being the outlier. We think our identity or worth are somehow contingent on the opinions of others, so we "get serious," and blend in. When we are criticized, we take it personally. This is how most of us are "serious." We set rules and boundaries to avoid getting hurt or we get hurt because we are still attached to the opinions of others. In this respect, we need to let go of our seriousness. We can let our inner child out. We can take risks of expressing, because others will react how they will, but we don't need their approval to thrive. But there is another way in which we need to take ourselves more seriously...

We have dreams. We have genuine inspiration. We carry within us sparks that could fan into flame. And we suppress these gifts, lie to ourselves about their worth and let them dissolve into wish-dreams. Without thinking any less of others, you can cultivate the goodness and beauty that you carry within. THIS is how we can take ourselves more seriously. We can get serious about a craft, about a mission. We can stand for new ways of being in ourselves and our communities. We can hit the day hard, wake up with purpose and intention. Rather than waiting for life to grab us by the horns, we can return the favor. We can be disciplined. We can be poised. And we can do this while having the time of our lives, not living in an anxiety complex. 

Let go of your need for the approval of others. Come out of hiding. Start living in freedom and joy. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Then stand up. Wake up with purpose. Let that joy and freedom be fuel for your inner fire, and start taking your life seriously.

We can live with purpose and power. Stop being so serious and cynical of yourself and others, and take hold of your life as the precious gift it is. 

Let go of serious. Be serious. Seriously.