You Must BE the Dream to Have the Dream

Our dreams don't have to wait until someday, we can live our dream NOW. To do this, we must BE our dream. 

Growing up for me involved lots of thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Whatever the dream was, whether it was flying airplanes or traveling to a faraway country, many of the dreams I had were for laterSomeday. Then. In asking students what they want to be when they grow up, there are explicit and implied prerequisites. It is as though we are saying, "Down the road, when you can actually contribute something of value, what would you like to do?" There is an element of truth to our underlying assumptions: We don't have the full manifestation of our dreams in front of us "right now." The problem is we push them to later. While I understand that students from toddlers to teenagers have limitations of age/stage, that does not mean humans of all ages cannot stand for their dream. Instead of just building a linear progression for "later" dreams, we can build our dreams NOW. The question is, how? First, by being our dream. 

I have a dream where everyone is fully expressing their authentic selves, living the life they are inspired by and loving others. To begin bringing this dream into the present, I start with the man in the mirror. I become my dream. This means that I express myself authentically. It means that I do work I am passionate about now, even if it is not the full expanse I imagine it will become yet. It also means that I must show up as love, joy and gratitude, I can't give away what I don't have. Again, having the dream starts with BEING THE DREAM. 

Second, we must get into action on our dreams. The same universe that is exploding with life is constantly tending towards entropy. We could have a dream of being a competitive athlete, but unless we show up and put in the work, we will not live our dream. What is one thing I can do TODAY to make my dream a reality? The journey of your life is walked one step at a time, and even small baby steps can grow into a full sprint. Show up as the presence of what you hope to create and get into action. 

Finally, maintain a focus on the dream. The the trajectory of your life is guided by a big WHY. Don't expect to inspire others without being inspired, get connected to what really matters to YOU. Let the telos (the arc, the dream) guide and become your ethos (values) and praxis (actions). 

We don't have to wait forever for our dreams, we can manifest them in the present. It involves action, it requires a big purpose, and it starts with BEING YOUR DREAM. 

Be your dream today.