Serve Others to Advance Your Dream

Having a greater purpose means that our dreams are not merely self-serving, they exist for the thriving of others. If you haven't reached your dream, perhaps there are more people you need to serve for you to reach that dream. Who can you help? Who can you inspire? Who can you connect with? In what ways can your leadership be powerful service to others, helping them live a better life? Part of achieving your dream is service to others. I used to see this as a conflict of interests. Part of me felt guilty for having a dream where I had power and a platform, while I also felt guilty for not being nearly as engaged in action as I saw was necessary. Whether your dream  and your art involve writing and speaking, pictures, music, goods and wares or none of the above, all of it will come back to connecting with others in service of a greater purpose. We are bound up in each other's liberation. Service to others not only brings about my dream, it creates a chain reaction for others to dream and to do, for them to THRIVE. If you find you are not where you want to be, ask yourself: "How am I helping others accomplish their dreams?" 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment