We All Start Barefoot, We're All Trained in Shoes

We all start barefoot. From infancy our unique personality and our utter adaptability are evident to the world. Like our feet, we humans are a paradox of having an already established essence and yet are a clean slate. The way we move will shape us, and our innate identity guides how we inhabit the world. We are sensitive from the get-go. From our nerve-rich soles to our developing minds, our life is a learning opportunity and we are built to grow. Even though we are dependent at a young age, we are wild. Then what do we do with our sensitive but strong feet and our unique but adaptable souls? We put them in shoes. 

We are guided into traditions of culture that our bigger than ourselves. Often done so without malicious intent, we are indoctrinated, domesticated, shod. We learn societal and religious routines. We are instructed in how to live, move and have our being. Not all this is bad, in fact it can be quite good. We learn how to be safe. We learn how we are perceived and how we affect others. The problem can be when this means a compromise to our true, barefoot selves.

We get so used to hiding. We become comfortable with partial truths. We do the right things in the right place at the right time, yet there are still latent parts of our being waiting to be expressed. It isn't so much that we crave attention, that we need the spotlight. Simply that our spirit longs to self-express and yet we routinely cover certain parts of ourselves. We become dependent, we assume our weakness and lack of capacity. We don't know how capable we are, and in fact, we may not know ourselves. 

Our shoes, physically and otherwise, have served a purpose. But like all our tools, the scope and application is limited. It is difficult to say what the risks are of living in line with our higher purpose and higher self are, but it is certain that we will not live from that place if our comfort and safety are the priorities. We all start barefoot. We're all trained in shoes. What lies before us now is how to take what we have learned forward into a barefoot way of being.