Imagine: A Subluxation-Free World

At my job as a Chiropractor's assistant, I get to witness amazing things. 

People with routine ear infections find relief. People that were unable to sleep, run, or have a regular bowel movement find they can a little ways in to receiving care. None of this is because chiropractic is a magic cure, but because it seeks to remove interference from the nervous system (subluxation). Simply by unlocking and unleashing a person's innate ability to heal, they are able to thrive. Unblocking the flow of consciousness is all it takes to see amazing things. Thinking about the testimonies I've heard and the first-hand experienced I've had leads me to wonder... What if we lived in a subluxation-free world? What would that look like?

Many chronic conditions and physical ailments that are the "norm" now would begin to dissolve. We would trust our bodies, knowing we could bounce back from illnesses as healthy people and healthy communities. Instead of billions of dollars being poured into operations looking for cures, we would invest in eating locally-grown organic food and making sure everyone has access to the good stuff their body needs. The world would be filled with even more people doing what they've always wanted to do, but never thought possible. We would tackle stressful situations with grace. We would get out of our heads long enough to be present to our bodies and our hearts. A subluxation-free world would mean the end to business-as-usual, at least as we know it. It would be the beginning of a new normal, deep awareness and consciousness put into action. If nothing else, it would mean a cosmic release of dis-ease and would clear space for new levels of human flourishing. After that, who knows what comes next...