Intentional Connectedness

Today's post is a question for your consideration and meditation: 

What does it look like to be intentional in our connections? 

I believe we are all organically and mystically connected. The entire cosmos is both one and many. We are caught in a web of relatedness, but one that we routinely seek to circumvent and transcend. At a time when it is easier than ever to find ways to escape the present moment and divide our attention, how can we be consciously connected in all facets of our lives?

Ask yourself with me. How am I being intentionally connected to...

  • my body, my soul, my spirit?
  • my family and friends?
  • my neighborhood?
  • my team at work?
  • the earth?
  • both my places and the people in them?
  • a greater purpose?
  • the people I serve and the people who serve me?
  • the animals and plants in my life?

Where you sense a lack of intention or a disconnection, don't worry. As we ask these kinds of questions of ourselves, we will discover new ways forward and old ways that we can move beyond. It starts with your intention, your focus on connecting. Beyond that, instead of looking for a formulaic answer, look and listen for little actions to be applied in these different areas of your life. 

How can we be intentionally connected? Let this question guide you today. 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment