Hard Hearts, Broken Hearts

There is an undercurrent in my story that plays out in cycles:

  1. Hard Heart
  2. Broken Heart
  3. Tender Heart
  4. Repeat

The biases and ideas I carry about others or the world will in some way callous me. This is followed by exposure to that idea or group which then leads me to see how ridiculous I have been and to let my mindset be deconstructed. This is followed by greater sensitivity, care and awareness in the very realm I once was averse to before the cycle starts all over again. 

I don't think this is just me, either. I think God has a way of bringing us into greater experience and expression of love. All we need is to submit to the process. 

I can remember very clearly when "liberal" was a trigger word for me. It represented permissiveness, false ideas oriented around pleasing people. It carried the connotation of "sinners," because that's what those poor, misguided liberals were. I also remember my initial thoughts about people who spoke in tongues. Little did I know the people, ideas and experiences that were once "bad" in my mind would be part of my transformation. Not only did my ideas change, my posture and presence were softened and enlivened. 

Think about the places where your heart is hard. Be aware of triggers for your frustration or insensitivity. These might just be places God will take you personally. 

This is not a call to become anything you are not, this is a reminder that the full, real you is able to receive and give love in all areas of your life. 

We all have hard hearts from time to time. To allow your heart to break and be healed is the key.

Barefoot Ben FaderComment