It All Comes Back to Love

In thinking back of this past year and looking forward to the next, my heart is moved with a sense of the ultimate meaning and significance in my life, namely love. The rich feast of friendship I have enjoyed, the peace and power I feel from within, the ethos, praxis and the telos of this life-journey is love. 

It all comes back to love. Love. This is the profoundly simple truth that tests the wisest sages and yet lies before us, perpetually available. At the center of my journey into living authentically lies the constant call of love. For me to say this may not be surprising, as this language was available to me within Christian tradition. Yet, my experience of Love, of God, through the process of deconstructing my images of God and self, has been beyond words. I talked often of love as it should be, now I know love as it is. I hoped and prayed to feel God’s love, and I wondered often why I did not feel it as others did. This kind of thinking imagines love as other, love as distant. My experience now tells me that love is within and all around. We all live, move, and have our being within a loving universe, a loving God. Many say this, many believe this profoundly, but what does that love look like?


Love is, at its very essence, disarming. I think of the way I respond to my kids when they say, “Daddy.” It is hard to stay angry. My capacity to keep my walls up and hide behind frustrations diminishes, because there is not room in love. In love I am authentically me, able to greet others who are authentically themselves. There is room enough for each and all of us. I have joy and peace because I have love. I run with confidence and trust because I run not with fear, but love.

This next year, be a conduit and generator of love. Love God. Love yourself. Love others. Love in small, quiet gestures. Pour your love and passion into the work of your hands. Love your body and be kind to it. Love your neighbor and find new ways to do so. I believe that love is force that holds the universe together, that creation itself is an act of love. From scalp to sole and nose to toes, immerse yourself into the current of love and see what happens. 

Love is as tenacious as it is trusting. Love is as active as it is peaceful. Love can take you out of yourself for the sake of others, and yet you express more fully and completely than ever. Love is giving, but not preoccupied. Love is the hinge upon which hangs the door to your authentic self. Love is the invitation to be and the space to thrive. At the end of a day, a year, a book, a life... It all comes back to love.