When Life Throws You Curveballs, Practice Your Swing

Just when you feel like you have things together, life has a way of throwing a curveball. You have mastered your rhythms and routines, you have worked hard to create the new "normal" of your life, then the unexpected happens. What do you do? Practice your swing. 

Be disciplined so you can be adaptable. Get rid of the fluff and focus on what matters. Create room for contemplation and action in the ways that matter to you so that you can be present and ready at the plate of your life.  Be ready; start working now for the next level, the next adventure, the next curveball. Stand with confidence in your life, knowing that it is you, not anyone else, who will respond to the opportunities that come up. Focus, eye on the ball and swing through. 

You might strike out, but keep practicing your swing. As long as you refuse to give up and own each bat as your opportunity to grow and shine, the sky is the limit. 

There are going to be unexpected events and crazy occurrences in your life. These are your curveballs. You can't control how these curveballs come at you, but you can own your response. Practice your swing. Step up to the plate. Own the curveballs in your life as opportunities to swing your heart out. 

When life throws you curveballs, what can you do? Practice your swing!