Count it All JOY

I love my life. It is rich, meaningful and beautiful. It is saturated with goodness, with opportunity, with abundance. I was wondering aloud this morning, "How did this come to be?" The answer quickly followed: By counting it all joy. 

I enjoy everything I do, so nothing is merely "work." I work hard, I work joyfully, but I don't suffer under the expectations of others or out of resentments I carry. There just isn't room. Joy fills every nook and cranny, every crevasse. I count my family a joy: Being married to Courtney, having two amazing kids, living with my parents. It is all beautiful, messy, and joy-filled. I joyfully choose the work I do each day, from leading workouts, to setting people up in traction, to writing, to sharing my heart.  Every aspect of my life is a joy and should be counted as such. 

Joy is love out loud. It is seeing people for their innate beauty and purpose. It is an expression of hope, of trust. Joy is contagious confidence and self-expression. Joy is an anchor and synthesis with almost any emotion. Beyond mere optimism or conditional happiness, joy is a presence of something deeper. Melancholy, sadness, discontent, even these can be fueled by joy to unlock and unleash new levels of purpose and power in your life. Joy is a fire that burns beneath any emotion. Joy fuels a person onward in their life, unwilling to settle or shrink. Joy also inspires, it ignites the fire already burning in others. Joy says, "Burn hotter, burn brighter, shine!" 

My life rocks because I am in a constant state of joy

Be joyful. Be playful. Be hopeful. Let joy be the anchor to which you tie all your other emotions, it really is the most grounded (and most expansive) way to be. 

Your mission today: Count it all joy.