Short, Quick Steps

When I would run in shoes, I would work to extend my stride as long as possible. I found that I could beat others in a footrace simply by taking longer steps, using my lankiness to my advantage. Running barefoot, I work instead to take as many short, quick steps as possible. I’ve noticed a similar change in my life as well. I used to be content only when massive changes took place, a sort of “all-or-nothing” mentality. I know now that relentless forward progress looks like successive choices  and steps taken on the same trajectory. It doesn’t mean I’m afraid of big changes, just that I am more incremental and adaptable to them. My processing time and recovery time need not be so long either, because I can quickly move forward in a smooth, seamless fashion.

I am more efficient, more adaptable and more joyful running with short, quick steps. The same is true in the rest of life.