Standing on the Precipice

Standing on the precipice

I want to make the best of this


To jump, to stay

Only I can say

Either way a cost, no immunity.

With all my fears

I'm present here

Facing my own 


Who am I to lead? 

How can I proceed?

There is no map,

no clarity.

All I have is my dream

a glimmer, a gleam,

to be whole and cultivate unity.

To see people arise

and by the light in their eyes

live their own dream,

create beauty. 

The only way forward

is me walking toward

the dream imbued in me

And invite others, too,

to be brilliant, to be true,

be a light shining new,


The dream, it has grown

and my heart, it has shown

a glorious possibility.

So I stand with a choice

to stand up, raise my voice

or to sit... still all noise

surrender to mediocrity. 

With no map, with no plan,

just me, a young man,

I take the leap into