WHY and Synergy: Finding Both "I" and "Team"

Yesterday we looked at how as individuals we do and do not transcend the teams and groups to we belong. Today, the question I hope to examine is: How do we create teams where both individuals and the collective THRIVE? 

It starts with a big WHY. Discovering and creating a big purpose brings people together in a dynamic way and rallies them to action. The purpose of Collins Chiropractic for example, is to see Burien be the healthiest place on planet earth. The way we pursue this goal is through Chiropractic care for people of all ages, from newborns to triple-digits. This call to purpose is a daily reminder for me and my team. It helps keep petty things in perspective.  Each member of the team resonates with the big purpose, and this leads to the next phase of thriving teams:

Synergy. This is when the differences of each member of the team are understood and appreciated, and together the output of the team is greater than the sum of its parts. Many organizations have a mechanistic model for thriving based on industrial principles of efficiency. With this thinking, each position can become a cog in a great wheel. Yes, if we all work together, we CAN do something great. But greatness, chemistry, energy and enthusiasm , passion and purpose... these can be present in each person, each encounter, at every level. With a synergistic focus, being in pursuit of your purpose doesn't just mean that everyone has a different role and different strengths, it also means that each person's presence and energy create the space for the team and those it serves to thrive. Synergy assumes and each and all in a dynamic way: For our team to excel, each member must. For each member to excel, we must all care for each other. Instead of only focusing on output, we focus on relationships. We focus on personal growth. We focus on our greater purpose. 

This may only be a start, but if our teams could focus on creating a big purpose and creating synergy, we are well on our way to thriving environments of work and play, creating spaces for people to be their best selves and do something in collaboration they could not do alone. 

With a big purpose and a dynamic appreciation for diversity, we can thrive as individuals AND as collectives. Thriving requires both WHY and SYNERGY.

What do you think it takes to create thriving teams? Let me know in your comments! 

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