Confessions of an (Aspiring) Morning Person

I wrote a piece almost a year ago called, "Make Time in the Morning." On the whole, I still stand by what I said. I love how I feel when I wake up in the morning and make time for myself. And on the flip side, when I don't wake up early, things don't happen. I don't run. I don't meditate for long. I don't write anything; not an entry in my journal, not a blog post, not a chapter in my book. I will still run through a brief version of my gratitude practice and greet my day with joy, but it can feel like settling for a single when I could be hitting a grand slam. After an overhaul of work schedule in December and the holidays, my schedule is all out of whack. I'm sleeping through alarms some days and am staying up late on others. I'm sitting with the need to structure and priorities my goals and commitments, to be present to the people in my life and completing on  assignments that matter to me personally. I think everyone else imagines me having my stuff together, but the truth is that I'm creating a foundation from scratch. Creating room for focus and for flexibility. Majoring on the majors and making sure the minors are still completed. Knowing that I'm working on it, I imagine there are many others where I am. Keep it up. 

My daily rituals and rhythms are influx, but I have set the goal of making a SET wake up time my next habit. My next post on this subject will be about my key rituals and how I kick-off my dream day. What morning rituals and rhythms matter to you? 

Thanks for being on the journey with me! 



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