Being Barefoot Brings Resistance but Removes Interference

I'm in a private group online called "Barefoot is Legal." The group exists to inform people of the benefits of being barefoot as well as connecting people to advocate for our human rights to be barefoot. The fact that a group like this has to exist shows that our culture en masse has taken several missteps. We too often diminish our own innate intelligence and capacity while seeking validation from the outside. We too often live in fear of the outside world and find ways to insulate ourselves from it. We too often direct our angst towards petty things and ignore the larger issues actually affecting our lives, for better or worse. We too often ridicule and marginalize those we perceive to be "other than," or use homogenizing power to conform them to our image. While generally non-aggressive, there is widespread resistance to barefoot people and practices. People ask me questions such as, "Are your feet cold?" all the time. Sometimes I get scoffed at for the pairing of my outfit with my footwear (sandals, or lack thereof). I've been called crazy (which I enjoy) and have been asked by security to put my sandals back on (to which I somewhat begrudgingly complied). Being barefoot brings resistance of one form or another. I've counted the cost of this, and I'm okay with it; because being barefoot also removes interference. 

Before I received a chiropractic adjustment, barefoot running had already helped improve the curve in my spine. Removing shoes and stepping outside our concrete jungles allows for us to connect with our surroundings, sending greater input to our brain through our abundant nerve endings on the soles of our feet. As I have moved into barefoot and minimal running, it has also been a process of learning to trust myself, listen to my body and enjoy each step. The running shoes from high school used to guide my body on how to run and how my foot should fall, now I am guided by my own feet and the ground I run upon. I am truly more in tune with my authentic self and the world I inhabit. If treading the earth joyfully, gently and with a sense of adventure is crazy and abnormal, count me in. Personally, I think it's a better norm. 

Being barefoot brings resistance, it also removes interference. 

What "barefoot" acts have inspired and freed you, even if they brought resistance from others?