Sometimes the Path Chooses You, Other Times You Choose the Path

I know many people who have a strong sense of call. They may not use the same language I use to describe it, but these people live strongly with the sense they were guided  to the place, purpose or position they inhabit. Some of these people have even tried to do other things, but to no avail. Like Master Oogway in  Kung Fu Panda says: "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it." For some, it is a clear sense of what they want to do from early on. For others, it happens at a point of spiritual awakening. The stories told by someone who has a clear sense of call, a clear sense of being chosen, are powerful. Their certainty is palpable. They  have little question of what they do and why it matters. From what I have observed in the lives of others, sometimes the path chooses you.

For me, while there are moments where I have had a strong sense of call, more often I'm guided by my own intuition and my intention. My relationship to spirit hasn't felt so much like a turn-by-turn GPS, it has felt much more like an open-ended exploration. I have had certain degrees of "call," like a strong sense to be in the Seattle area, but within such a general vicinity there has been a host of freedom and choice. I don't always know where I'm going. I don't always have a sense of the ultimate purpose or plan. I set prayers and intentions, find opportunities and work to "blow with the wind where it pleases" at times and others be very grounded and consistent. My work of writing and speaking is growing because I choose it. I realize the dichotomy I'm painting between "being chosen" and "choosing" is not entirely accurate, and I'm sure many of us can account for feeling both ways at many times. 

It may be that even in my choosing I am being chosen. It may well be that all my actions are woven into the Universe's beautiful tapestry before and beyond my own knowing. Whether you feel a strong, specific sense of inspiration or an open-ended sense of freedom, know you are in the right place. Sometimes the path chooses you, and other times you choose the path.