Joy Can Be a Spectacle or a Dance

When my dancing and singing confuses people, I don't mind. Often it simply means that we need to get to know each other better. To many my antics seem like a show, even a charade. They wonder if I am real, or simply putting on an act. Over the course of time spent together, they begin to understand what many already know... I am genuine. If I appear light-hearted and silly, I am. If I exude joy, it is because I have it in abundance. In the places I inhabit, my joy-filled antics have come to be expected. To my family, my friends, well-known patients or employees of places where I am a patron, people look forward to me being there and make a point of telling me so. As much as I appreciate the acknowledgements and can enjoy the spotlight, what really puts fuel to the joy-fire is seeing others join me in the dance of joy. 

There are those who find me nothing more than a curious, albeit happy, spectacle; and that's okay. Maybe they have simply missed the implicit invitation to be joyful, maybe they aren't in that space themselves. It doesn't really matter. When they are ready, the invitation will still be there. Then there are those who are ready, maybe they just need to be reminded. Aren't we all like that sometimes? We forget we have the power of choice. We get distracted and discouraged. We pull ourselves out of the moment and out of the dance, then we see it being performed and hear the invitation to join back in. 

I have become used to people thinking I'm strange, and that does bring a certain amount of satisfaction. Being the oddball has its perks. Better still is when other people are weird enough to join in the fun. The dance of joy would go on whether or not others will join in, but as misery loves company, so does joy.

Joy can be a spectacle or a dance. When you hear the invitation, remember; the choice is yours.

Barefoot Ben FaderComment