The Art of Integration: A Barefoot Way of Being

This past week, I was asked an amazing question:

"What is your barefoot strategy?"

I was dumbfounded and awestruck. "What do you mean?" I asked. The real question soon came to light, why. Do I go barefoot for grounding/earthing? Is it for personal or spiritual reasons? Is it to authentically express me? Is it for awareness of the ground I walk on? Is it to be both sensitive and strong? 

Yes. All of the above.

What began as a way for me to move out of pain has since become a way of life. Being barefoot is a catalyst and a metaphor for being my authentic self, for living a life of connection and purpose, and for being in tune with the universal flow of love. Somehow, all these different dots have connected with one practice, and all that practice requires of me is to live, move and have my being as me. 

When we are authentic, we also become connected. When we are effortlessly expressing, we are able to be present. When we have all our receptors open, we can truly be aware of ourselves AND our surroundings, yet not overwhelmed. This is the barefoot way of being in a nutshell. Not only a practice for one reason or another, but a practice that is an artful way of integration.