Write AND Do

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
— Benjamin Franklin

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,"

I find an AND is helpful here and OR is quite confining.

We have many people living large without reflection,

and others writing constantly not making a connection.

The art of integration, living life as a both/and,

is my deepest heart's desire, so it's what I've planned.

I thank my friend, Ben Franklin, for his dare and invitation,

and challenge you to live a life of unhindered creation.

Craft a purpose and intention so huge you have to write it down,

and then take off, unleash yourself, go on and hit the town.

Remember that it's you who choose just how and who you'll be,

don't look at chains of circumstance, for truly you are free!

Write today like you are crafting stories for the world,

then let each breath and action be paragraphs you've unfurled.

No step is too big or small, but go, my friend, "live large";

own your choices, write your story, joyfully take charge.

I can't wait to see and read what's written and what's done,

to treasure your life legacy of courage, joy and fun.