Pain is a Teacher

We all experience pain. The question is this: Do we allow pain to be a teacher, guiding us to freedom, or do we wallow in our experience of pain and become bitter and resigned? Pain is an indicator. Pain is a symptom. Pain is a red flag. Pain is information. Whether emotional/mental, spiritual or physical, we ALL experience pain. Rather than avoiding pain or projecting our pain (another method of avoidance that seeks to cast it onto another person), we can be with pain. “I can handle ALL the information.” Rather than being overwhelmed, we can become strong in experiencing pain. Rather than seeking to cover up pain or numb ourselves to it, we can ask… “What do I have to learn here? What is this pain here to teach me?” Pain is also an invitation to be together. My pain can become the source of my own bitterness and resignation, or it can become an invitation for me to be with others in their pain. In meeting others in their pain, we can be wounded healers. 

Pain is a powerful teacher. We can feel our pain, be with it, and see it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and help others.