Running Free, A Barefoot Way to Be

I did a one-on-one running coaching session with a friend yesterday and was blown away by how much the body knows what to do when we get out of the way. I took several different tacks on making adjustments to form, and unlike other people I was working with, I wasn't seeing much change. It was like her programming was so defined it wasn't flexible to be challenged or changed. I like to end these sessions barefoot, however, and when we got to that portion an amazing thing happened: As soon as she hit the ground running barefoot, everything changed. She was running light, easy, smooth and free. I had nothing to do with it! It was humbling, but also a profound and inspiring reminder: Sometimes we just have to drop our crutches and get out of our own way to be truly free and expressed. Her body already knew what to do, even if she hadn't done it for a long time. You just CANNOT run the same barefoot as you can in shoes! 

I have learned much from people who have gone on this kind of path before, and I have learned there is ALWAYS more to learn! Yet the foundation is not to be found on the outside, it lies within! Your innate intelligence knows what to do, your body is adaptable and capable. Your unique essence and personality already has expression, it just may be covered over by what you use to try to prop yourself up! Sometimes we just need to get out of our shoes and out of our head to really live. That is the barefoot way to be, and that is running free. 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment