Make the Call, Bob Goff Edition

Have you read the book Love Does? It's one of my favorites. The author, Bob Goff, includes his number in the back of the book to make himself available to his readers. I recently remembered this as I picked it up to reread it, so I thought I'd give him a call. He answered. 

I thanked him for his work, he thanked me for my high praise. He asked what he could do for me, so I told him about my book. We only talked for five minutes at most, yet I was SO GLAD I made the call. The book is a New York Times bestseller that has been translated into multiple languages. This means one man has singlehandedly given his number to THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of people! I wonder, though, how many people have chosen to make the call? I have a phone, I have his number... There was no reason NOT to call him! It's such a small, simple thing, and the only thing in the way was my own mental tapes playing about why I shouldn't call him. 

Some of the biggest barriers in our lives are not barriers at all, they are mountains made in our minds. All it takes is one small step, in this case, a phone call. While not every person you talk to will be as warm, authentic and genuinely helpful as Bob Goff...

Take the next step. Make the call.