'Tis the Season

In my workshop, "Powerful Morning, Powerful You," I discuss daily rituals and rhythms. What I don't cover in that workshop is the cyclical and seasonal nature of rhythms. Some of us are in the middle of "crunch time," gearing up our year-end output for our work. As for me, I'm winding down into a more contemplative state. I'm still being active and am still immersed in the creative process, but I'm finding ways to focus less on quantity and urgency and more on the big picture and reflection. It's a theme that is coming to me from all sides and angles, the importance of taking stock of what the year has been, to measure impact, and to make adjustments. In years past, I have ranged from having lots of "reflection" with nothing to really reflect upon, as well as being so focused on output that I didn't stop to assess what I was doing and why. This year, I'm doing both! We must pause and reflect.

Here in the great Pacific Northwest, it's getting colder and darker. Many of us are requiring more sleep than we've been accustomed to, as well as falling asleep earlier than we were earlier in the year. I was tempted to judge myself for my seeming non-contributing and lethargic tendencies before I remembered... 'Tis the season. 

'Tis the season to reflect, connect, and set intentions. 

I'd love it if you'd join me in my year-end rituals. Let's break it down:

1) Reflection. What did you accomplish this year? What bold moves did you make? What did you learn? Assess what your year's goals were and then break it down month-by-month to see what you did. Walk through the big milestones and lessons learned. Celebrate the victories. Where appropriate, grieve the misses and losses. Bring it back around to what was AWESOME. Look within. Look back. It matters

2) Connection. Holidays are a great excuse to connect, although they can become exercises in obligation if we're inauthentic. Be sure you make time for those you care about. Express gratitude for the people who make your life great. Celebrate your friends, family, teams, and tribe. Slow down and enjoy the small moments, the small people, the abundance of love and joy we share together. Make the holidays holy by tending the sacred flame of love and joy in the relationships that matter! Our lives are conversations with the people we care about. 

3) Set Intentions. Courtney and I have ordered our 2017 Passion Planners and will start setting our goals for next quarter and intentions for next year this week. Break down your year into your quarterly goals. Focus on WHO/HOW you want to be and what ACTIONS and HABITS will get you there! Prioritize what is most important to you to achieve maximum clarity! 

Don't wait until the end of the year, reflect, connect, and set intentions NOW. 

Here's to looking back, being present, and looking forward!