It Happens on the Run: On Emotional Equilibrium and Relentless Forward Progress

In my journal this past week, I wrote: Emotional Equilibrium < Relentless Forward Progress.

The truth is a little more complex. Or, to quote Emerson, it's a SIMPLE on the other side of complicated. 

I see how much of my past/present riding the brakes is related to me needing to diffuse tension and be me. The problem is not that I seek to be an integrated and healthy human being, the problem is when I think I must be comfortable to do so. In a marathon, my mindset can greatly affect my pace and posture, so it is imperative I remain centered in my heart/mind and cultivate a positive outlook. However, this happens on the run. 


I've also noticed that when I try to figure things out only in a mental capacity, I don't actually make forward progress OR reach emotional equilibrium. Left to the spinning mechanics of my brain alone, I don't successfully process my thoughts and feelings let alone get into action. I call it my "spin cycle." (It's like a stationary bike but without the benefit of exercise.)  

There are times when it is important to stop, reflect and catch your breath. Then there are the times when the chaos seems overwhelming and we're tempted to let go of our important work or actions so that we feel better. Rather than giving into that temptation, I am reminding myself to repeat my mantra and keep moving. Emotional equilibrium and relentless forward progress aren't mutually exclusive. Finding your center and taking action happen in tandem and on the run.