Authentic Goal-Setting

Hello, Amazing Person! Namaste! 

Want to hear a couple jokes about a powerful life?

Like this one: "This week, I've been workin' on my fitness.... Fitness WHOLE PIZZA IN MY MOUTH!" :)

Or this one: "6am yoga? Namaste in BED!" :)

Jokes aside, ...

We often view living the "good life" as sacrificing pleasure and "embracing pain." We view it as suppressing desire and finding "contentment." While there may be elements of truth to this, NO WONDER we can have a hard time making good choices!

What if, instead of depriving yourself of things to do/have for the sake of "achieving goals," you only set goals for yourself that tapped into what your dreams and desires really were? What if you were present to your INSPIRATION and JOY?

While any big goal might require the occasional sacrifice (aka prioritizing, like getting out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button, we can focus on what we're DOING and RECEIVING and CREATING instead of what we're GIVING UP. 


Several major religions have a practice of fasting, but while you fast, what are you feasting on?

Many of us know what is good for us to do, but we don't do it! We know in our minds but we don't BELIEVE enough to act. It's like we're living out of our taste buds instead of trusting our guts.

The probable, almost-certain future of this? We live the same. We think the same. We get the same results. When our minds and bodies can no longer maintain the illusion of stasis, we regress. We lose our current level of fitness, etc. 


The alternative? Be authentic and integrative. 


I am clear and honest with myself on what I truly care about. I know what I really want / desire. When I have questions, I choose to BE with them and pursue answers. I create space for this. I create in ways that inspire me and therefore inspire others. I think, move, and eat well, and make sure i save space for some treats too. :) Where I am divided and inauthentic, my work is to face it. When I do, I find myself often acting out of the desire to impress or to avoid being rejected. When these are what I care most about, I become inauthentic and begin to suppress/conform. This is where I lose sight and sabotage myself for some immediate "payoff." 


Where do you feel out of alignment with your deepest beliefs and goals? Where are you not being who you desire to be? Where have you been sidetracked by doing things "for others" yet not for the sake of altruism, but out of negation of self?

This isn't how everybody thinks, and I'm sure there will grow nuance and further clarity for myself as we grow. The point is this:

I believe that when we are clear in our own hearts everything else follows. 

Be you. 

Do what you love. 

Live inspired. 


Orient your goal setting, your rituals and your massive actions around WHO and HOW you want to be. 


Remember... we always act out of our deepest beliefs. What are you believing and being? 


Let's BElieve deeply today!




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