I'm a part of that.

I'm a solid Enneagram type 4. I generally frame the world (to myself) in terms of how I'm different, other-than, unique. While every personality type has it's advantages and disadvantages, I must be careful of constantly trying to separate myself from others, putting the focus on me instead of putting myself in service of others. 

I used to have my dreams framed in such a way as to note what was 1) wrong with the present/current situation and 2) what would be right in the future, away from the problem. Yet (much of the time), the challenges I project into my circumstances really say more about me and my mindset often have more to say about my framing of reality at present than how things will really change in the future. Also, the baggage I carry now will follow me wherever I go unless I'm able to let it go here and now. "When I'm not working 40 hours a week, then..." Yes, things will change. But who am I being in this context that I'm a part of now, and how can I GROW my contribution beyond my role rather than seek to divert it elsewhere?

While I'm still aware of how I'm different (and I'm grateful for that), rather than focusing on distinction and division, I'm working to focus on connectedness. 

My mantra for this vein is, "I'm a part of that." 

Rather than working to build a "sole proprietorship" for a "solo performer," I'm orienting myself around who I'm serving, building a tribe and creating a movement. 

Instead of seeing myself as separate from the teams and groups I am in the midst of, to which I am contributing, or inspired by, I'm seeing myself as a PART.  

Burien Co-op Preschool, where my children attend. The coffee shop I frequent, Burien Press. The patients and mission I serve at Collins Chiropractic. My alma mater, SPU. Different faith communities and religious organizations to which my friends and family belong. My Burien community. My homeless neighbor. National/political systemic injustice. From the small and inspiring to the massive and intimidating... I'm a part of that. 

I'm not apart from that, I'm a part OF that. We are connected.  I'm related to you. 

After this work of orientation, it becomes time for work of action. This can seem daunting and overwhelming given the complex Venn Diagram of overlapping circles and connections that is our life. I believe there can be simplicity and beauty on the other side of this chaos, and it starts with recognizing...

I'm a part of that.