Powerful Morning, Powerful You: Last Workshop of 2016

A little bit of information about my upcoming workshop for personal growth, Powerful Morning Powerful You. Here's the event link: http://www.belivelove.net/events/2016/12/13/powerful-morning-powerful-you Here's the link to my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=998884

Last week, we discussed the importance of respecting and utilizing seasonal rhythms to reflect, connect, and set intentions. In the midst of stepping into this mode, I want to offer you one more resource to assist in creating habits, building your mindset, and setting goals: My workshop, "Powerful Morning, Powerful You." 

If you've already made it in October or November, AWESOME! Not only am I thankful you came, but I'm excited about what you're creating and what the impact of your mornings has been on the rest of your life! Please pass this information on to 3 people who would benefit if you've already been!

If you haven't made it yet, consider the opportunity as sacred space for you to focus on YOU and YOUR LIFE at this time of the year. This is the perfect time for a reset! Many of us are suspending some of our normal activities for assessing our dreams/desires. Now is the time to shift efforts! :)

There will be other chances next year for this workshop as well as others... but why not now?

Here's what one participant said about this workshop: "I was able to attend it last month and it has been the single biggest thing I've ever done to help my morning routine. It's inspiring, it's actionable, and it's as inexpensive as its ever going to be. You're welcome in advance..." 

I want to see YOU be the full, powerful you ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I can help. :) Check out this short video to hear more about the workshop and please click the link below for more information as well as purchasing tickets if you're able to make it. 

I know it's a morning workshop in the evening, and the irony is NOT lost on me. :) I could do a workshop at 4 in the morning, I just don't think many people would make it. ;)


Here's to you being the BEST you, and to gaining tools and structure you want to create a foundation in your mornings that works FOR you. 

With love and all the best, 


Event information: Click HERE. You can purchase tickets at the bottom of that page. :)