You are the Incarnation.

Namaste, Friend!


The divine light within me sees and acknowledges the divine light within you. 


Many of us (of Christian background) at this time celebrate Christmas, the story where God becomes human. This story in the theological realm is often called, "the Incarnation." I believe this story comes true in you. 


Divine love is uniquely expressed in your essence, in your person. 

You are a unique manifestation of the divine. Your life, a unique opportunity to shine the glory of a benevolent universe. YOU ARE THE INCARNATION.

It's easy for us to hold up others as sacred. We create icons of saints of old, of sacred truths and teachings, and our reverence is not "bad," per se, there's just one problem...

We often get ourselves off the hook to BE love, to SHINE brightly, and to creaet heaven on earth now because we have put the burden of response-ability on "not us, not here, not now." We also work hard to protect our stories, rituals and sacred cows rather than letting them affect us.

I believe the eucharist is sacred only insofar as every meal is sacred. 
Jesus is the son of God because we are ALL sons and daughters of God. 

Eternity is alive in this moment. In now. Right here. In THIS. 

I used to hate Christmas, though now I have come to love much about it. My metric for a "good" Christmas: How well did I receive the presence of others and of God within them? How has my own life been a gift of this presence, of divine love?

It's beautiful that we have rituals to articulate these acts and stories. We're humans, after all, and we make meaning. Just as long as the acts, stories and rituals are EMBODIED and propel us into PRACTICES and ACTIONS. 

This is what I mean to communicate in my book-in-process, A Barefoot Way to Be. Sure, I'm barefoot, but this practice is an EMBODIMENT of a loving, conscious, way of being (or at least one expression of it).  

YOU ARE THE INCARNATION. Go! Embody safe space for listening, deep seeing, and generous love today.

With love,