You Are Not Static

The end of one year approaches as does the beginning of another. 

It's sacred space of possibility. 

We're invited into a wider conversation of making new strides and shifts. We're provoked to ponder, invited to imagine: Where are we headed? How will we get there? In the midst of these questions, there is good news to consider:

1) The future is not set. 

2) You are not static. 

We have our boxes. 

Some are physical and tactile, others are merely made in our minds. These boxes are tools. Maps. Ways of filtering/seeing/constructing reality in space/time. We believe these boxes are real, and so they are. These boxes can be our chains or our trampolines. I strive to make mine the latter. 

We have our mental boxes. These boxes are ways in which we view ourselves as static. Cemented. Living from our past rather than creating a future. "We are who we were and we will be what we are and have been."

We commit to the same projects... unless we choose an alternative.

We show up for the same work in the same way... unless we invent a possibility. 

We perpetuate the same cycles... unless we launch out of orbit and into the void.

You can do this at ANY MOMENT.

It doesn't have to be at new years, but why not now?

The future is not set. You are not static. 

Get inventive. Get expressive. 


It's been a few weeks on the same theme, and I hope you find yourself inspired to reflect, connect, and set intentions. I hope you are inspired to BE and to BElieve. I hope you've heard the invitation to be LOVE in the space of this moment. I hope you've heard the invitation to remove your (physical and metaphorical) shoes to stand on this sacred ground. 

In the space of NOW, you are a possibility. Who will you be and become? What will you create?

Only you can say...

and I can't wait to see and hear.

Congratulations on a great year! Thank you so much for your engagement, your reflection, and your bold actions this year!

Even as we might be getting ready to hit a switch, remember that you are creating space now, even in meditation and contemplation, for what is NEXT. 

Happy New Year, my friend!

With love and anticipation,