Just Do It

Nike is anything but a perfect company. Sweat shops, child labor, corporate greed, helping to normalize the modern runner's list of injuries, etc. Suffice it to say, as a company, Nike hasn't earned my respect... With one exception. For all it's problems, at least Nike got one thing right, it's motto: Just do it. 

In the face of my excuses, our "reasons," our schedules and perceived limitations, "just do it" reminds me to take risks. This mantra is a call to pursuing possibilities, to getting over ourselves, to making things happen. Is there something you care about? Is there a dream you have for the world? Perhaps you've been listening too much to the "I cant's" and need a fresh kick in the rear. Now is the time to just do it. Start the project. Go on the run. Have the crucial conversation. Make the call. Check your ego at the door. Whatever the "it" is... Just do it.

So, Nike, thank you. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you that for all your pseudo-contributions to society, you have made your most crucial impact with a mere three words:

 Just do it.