Pity is Shitty

Have you ever had the ways you've cut corners or been content with compromise showed to you?

It doesn't feel  great, I'll give you that. In fact, it can be sobering and downright discouraging. I had a such a moment this past week. I was able to see how I have given into fear while lying to myself about it. I became aware of how easy it is to talk the talk of living your dreams while not putting in the work to make them happen. Following these moments of personal crisis, pity is one of the first feelings to rear its ugly head. To justify our contentment with mediocrity, we work to let ourselves off the hook. We find ways to pat ourselves on the back and say, "Good job, you're doing it," even if that isn't the case. We look for excuses, for reasons, and whether or not they are able to be found, we have feelings like pity that let us feel like we are victims rather than owners of our lives. You probably already know this, and I'm mostly saying this to myself, but let it be known; pity is shitty. 

Rather than using fear or failure as fuel for forward progress, pity invites you to pull up a couch and watch a sad soap opera of your own miserable life. Rather than inspiring a deep sense of purpose and a mission to help others, we who pity ourselves sit and complain, digging ourselves a hole of sourness to live in. Rather than inspiring compassion, or even helping you find your inner compass, pity makes you a compromising ass. So when you or I are tempted to retreat into the land of Pity, please remember, pity is shitty. 

Pitty is shitty. It does nothing for you or anyone else. 

Let go of that feeling as quick as you can and move forward. There's work to do.