On Eccentricities 1: Electronic Music

I've found that when I sit down to write it can be very hard to be specific. I get all abstract and generalizing. This generalization hardly accounts for the oddity and eccentricity I experience concerning myself and others. To capture some of that eccentricity,  I wanted to pick one aspect of my life that may be lesser known to some of you and see how specific I can be with it. Here goes:

I like electronic music. Actually, that's probably an understatement. Electronic music has a special place in my heart, albeit for no particular reason.

I first listened to Daft Punk in middle school and fell in love with their music, especially their album, Discovery. Solid house beats with rich melodies and funky samples. My freshman year of high school, I had made several electronic mix CDs and we ended up making a crappy music video to Benny Benassi's song "Satisfaction." It mostly involved a couple of the guys pelvic thrusting and me trying to do the robot. We were wearing our jazz band tux jackets. It was very silly. My sister's ex-husband and I used to go driving around Alki point in his red GTI listening to my mix CDs, and I even made a mix for their wedding after-party. It was a really good mix; smooth transitions and everything. The summer before my junior year of high school I saw Daft Punk live. I remember almost crying I was so happy, as well as having a pounding headache afterwards and reeking of weed. I still have the tee shirt from that concert. During my junior year of high school, I asked my friend to homecoming using an edited version of the song D.A.N.C.E by Justice. I saw Justice live in Seattle later that school year. That was the year I went deep into the French Electro scene. I had bounced around from sub-genre to sub-genre prior; acid, techno, trance, house, but that year it was Ed Bangar records and company. I don't know why I liked half of the stuff, but I still like some of it. Then I discovered Simian Mobile Disco and was swept back into more melodic music by their lush synth landscapes. I'm a sucker for synths. I've even written a couple tracks though I think they've been obliterated along with my old computers. I have more of a complex pallet now. I like so much music beyond electronic music but I still find myself driving in the car listening to C-89.5 and rolling the windows down when I drive by myself. So much of the music is predictable. Sometimes I forget it was made on computers. When I listen to it, though, it often leads to creativity. I imagine myself performing sometimes, other times I let the music help me create a movie scene in my head. I love the way it draws dancing out of me. I like the unique soundscapes. I like how percussive it can be, and how sustained and ambient certain realms of electronic are. I like electronic music, okay? I do in spite of the fact that no sampled sound can replace, in my mind, the importance of actual vibrations. I love the texture and timbre of live instruments and the kinetics of live and hand drumming. I love the capacity and variety of electronic music but find myself impatient to conform to software and complex set ups. Oh well, I guess the point of all this was to say how much I like electronic music and that seems to me to be an eccentric thing. 

People are an odd assortment of interests and opinions. Sometimes things seem congruent with larger pictures and perspectives, other times they don't. We are multifaceted and eccentric beings, us humans. I just happen to be one that sometimes has trouble getting a sampled beat out of my head.