Kick off Your Shoes. Be a Person. Be you.

Have you noticed that shoes, like uniforms, are custom fit for roles? There are shoes for every function. Night-on-the-town shoes, tap shoes, casual shoes, basketball shoes, soccer shoes, wear-with-this-specific-outfit shoes as well as the oh-so-famous, look-nice-in-the-closet-but-I'll-never-wear-those shoes. You can tell a lot about a person, or at least how they are hoping to present themselves in this moment, by their shoes. Is their goal to stay comfortable? Is their goal to look good? How is their personal style evident in what they wear on their feet? Like uniforms and other clothes though, underneath we are all just...People. When I'm barefoot, I'm ready for basketball and dancing. I'm comfortable yet I can dress up my outfit and look good. There is not the need to confine myself to a style, a role, or a scene, because I can be all those things by simply being me. 

Take the invitation. Kick off your shoes. Be a person. Be you.