Am I Committed? And Other Questions

I'm finding that questions of one's capacity are usually an indicator of perceived weakness. We ask ourselves, "Do I have what it takes?" We think we do not. Instead, I want to trust myself to have what it takes, and trust others to have my back. What remains is my focus, my intention, my level of commitment. Am I committed? I say I care about a cause or I have a purpose for my life. What will I do to see it through, to make it happen? Am I committed to putting others before myself, to putting impact over comfort, and to making sure I still take care of my needs in the process? Am I committed to leading a revolution of art and wellness, or are those just nice words that dress my online presence? Am I committed to raising children who believe nothing is impossible, they are loved and we and all our family on planet earth are in this together? Am I committed to going green, to living simply and to localizing economies? Am I committed to inspiring others to be their full, authentic selves or am I using that as a pitch to hide behind? Am I committed, and to what?