Three Little Lines

When you’re writing a book, what do you do to relax? You read. With the last few books I read, a huge realization came that changed my writing and drastically upped the game on my productivity. Three little lines. Observe:

-    -    -

    There you have it, folks. Three little lines. By themselves, nothing special; but in the context of a book, groundbreaking. You know how in movies one scene is immediately followed by another scene? Different characters, different places, but it works, because that’s how movies work. Not every connection has to be explained, an author or a filmmaker can jump from one idea or plot point to another and the brains of viewers will follow. I realized that I could do this in MY writing.

    When I would sit down at the computer to write, my ideas didn’t always fit neatly in a prepared or predetermined folder or document. Where there were incomplete thoughts and ideas, I felt like I had to finish them before moving on. The power of three little lines was I could create breaks and intentional space for creativity anywhere and anytime.

-    -    -

    Insert random story that comes to mind, and write. Go on that extended tangent. Follow it through to its end and see where it leads. Instead of pre-editing my writing to fit in neat little boxes (that are subject to change anyway), I can type three little lines and  write. Who knew it could be so simple?