Authenticity is Contagious

Have you noticed how when someone yawns, everyone yawns? We are social creatures, beings who operate as part of a collective. We’re wired for sharing. When your family, church, or workspace is a place that feels unsafe to share and unsafe to be your real self, everybody joins in the game of hiding. On the other hand, when someone dares to be authentic and create safe space for others, the atmosphere can shift and a new culture can be created. It starts with a story or an event from your own life. All you have to do is look someone in the eye and say this is how I feel. It usually feels risky at first, but more often than not my experience has been someone else being so glad I told them. "That happened to me, too," they say. "I am so glad you shared because I feel the same way." By taking the risk and sharing myself, I am inviting others to do the same. There's no expectation of reciprocity, I don't need someone to open up about their deep, dark secrets for my sharing to matter. It's free. It's open. It's also contagious. 

Authenticity is contagious. 

Take the risk. Share yourself and see what happens.