Stunna Shades

stunna shades on, sitting in the back,


too cool for school

abide by the schedule but won't play by the rule

your rule of thumb is to sit back, play dumb

no questions, no engagement

life is just a script, not a flexible arrangement

and I've seen it before, this "bore-dumb"

little do you know your potential

I see within you, it's torrential

an outpouring of art, coming straight from the heart

or maybe it's science, but judging by your silence

I see resignation not an act of defiance

it's not about the clothes you wear

it's that blank stare

justified by saying, "life's not fair"

you want to challenge the status quo?

you're right, jumping through hoops isn't the way to go

the system is rigged, yes, even I know

but even so...

how is your current path working for ya?

there's work to be done on policies

on racial and income inequalities

I won't pretend this will make your life a breeze

but at least with a great dream to seize

your mind can be put to work, and your heart be at ease.

I won't pretend to know your circumstances

I've got my privilege, there's no denying

but are you really better off to give up without even trying?

I think deep down, you're dying

Resignation and numbness, combining

and your countenance, lying. 

I'm eyeing

you, looking for answers

wanting to help create a pathway, you see

but it doesn't mean a damn thing  without your own agency

your choice

your vote, your voice

your effort, your blood, sweat and tears

own your life, do your art

spread your flame, share your spark

being you, showing up

being alive and a force for beauty

it's not something you find "out there"

in catalogs and classes

it's in you, the glass is

full to overflowing with possibility

if I could do anything, I would see you be awake.

this is your life.

I can only sound an alarm, I can only inspire

I can only acknowledge and fan that inner fire

my desire

is for you to be fully you

immersed in creating in the universe, too

not blue

with laziness and boredom

but to be clear-headed and full of purpose.

let go of the chatter

saying you're stuck, you suck, your life is fucked

god-damnit, you matter! 

I don't flatter,

I speak the truth.

you have a purpose.

you are a part of something.

you can do it, how can I help?

wake up. dare to be vulnerable. 

get in action and start a plan

I see good things in you, young man.

the act doesn't fool me, even if it's fooling you

don't kid yourself, kid, do the best you can do.