Where My Progressive Charismatics At?

After some time of letting my faith be untouched fragments, I am finding myself beginning to pick up the pieces. In this process, I see how much Jesus still matters to me. He's my archetype, my teacher, the best representation I know of what God looks like, my friend. I'm rediscovering how much I have been "born again" as a charismatic Christian, yet the power and love of God expressed through gifts and laying on of hands without an awareness of systems, a more nuanced reading of the Bible and the sense of God-in-all-and-all-in-God. In short, I find myself more aware of what actually matters to me and inspires me, but I'm not seeing the manifestations of that kind of both/and community. I'm looking for people that know the power of prayer and the "naturalness" of God. I'm looking for those engaged in justice on systemic terms and breakthroughs in personal encounters. I am looking for open and affirming yet passionate and expressive people. 

Maybe this is just a shout out to the void, a blogged prayer, "Where my progressive charismatics at?"