A 12oz Americano and the Law of Attraction

As I write this, I'm sitting at my favorite coffee shop, Burien Press, writing next to a dear friend of mine. People who know me know Burien Press can be my home away from home. I have been working and writing here for a few years, and I have found it to be a hub for authentic connection and powerful community. This past weekend, with my younger sister in town, we came here to talk over a great cup of coffee. We sat down to talk and within minutes our party began to grow. My friend who teaches yoga showed up and we talked about her challenges with working around her partner's school schedule and taking care of their child. Then some more friends of ours showed up and joined our table. Then I met a man who was wearing an ultra marathon tee and we talked about distance running and local events. Then my friend, Carolyn, showed up and we talked about our still-yet-to-be-due baby and possible ways to coax her into the world. It was dizzying, and I was hardly able to finish one conversation before another happened. Then it occurred to me: I am surrounded by people who care about what I care about and who are working to make a positive difference in the world around them. I am seeing around me what I am investing in, and that is encouraging.