Joy Lives in the NOW

When we don't like how something feels, an easy response is to pull ourselves out of the moment.

 Joy is always pulling us into the moment, into the now. 

When I am lonely or don't enjoy silence, I can find a screen to fill space-time that transports me to another place and a different experience. When I am bored, I can find a million activities in my head to keep me occupied. When I am angsty, depressed, frustrated or otherwise, it is easy to compromise my presence. Of all ways of being and feeling, I have noticed joy does not behave the same way. When I am joyful, I may be experiencing something intensely, and I am in it. The thrill of a roller coaster ride, the fun of a dance party, the richness of an enjoyable conversation with a close friend, locking eyes with my daughter as we make scrunchy-nosed smiley faces to each other. These are moments where I am expressing joy, and they are moments I am truly present. I don't think this is coincidence, I believe joy lives in the now.