A Meditative Pause

At a time of maximum hustle and bustle, a little "selah" may be just what I need. A meditative pause, space for contemplation. Or, to quote yours truly:

"some stillness


empty space


living into this rat race 

and be content with face-to-face."


Sometimes I get preoccupied with activity. I measure my level of success for a day based on what I got done. I forget to detach my sense of self-worth from achievement and instead work from a place of wholeness. When next I write, we're likely to have a new baby in the house. I still have plans, goals, and commitments, yet I know everything will be remade from the ground up as we welcome this new person, our little Meditative Pause, Selah, home. 

We're ready, Selah! Can't wait to keep learning from you and growing with you.